They Came with the Rain: A Horror Novel

From the author of They Came with the Snow, comes a new creepy horror thriller that will keep you turning the pages and wondering who may be lurking outside your door.

It hadn’t rained in months in the isolated quiet town of Garmella, Arizona where cell phones are forbidden. And rain wasn’t in the forecast.

Then one June night, a day after the opening of a massive sinkhole at the town’s edge, torrential rain descends on Garmella.

The rain brings relief to the town, but that’s not all that comes with the rain.

By morning, an ancient evil has consumed the town. An evil responsible for countless deaths and disappearances over the centuries.

Now, Ramon Thomas, sheriff of Garmella, and his deputy Allie, as well as a small group of survivors, must confront the evil before it spreads beyond Garmella to the rest of the world, threatening the destruction of civilization.

A must-read horror thriller for fans of Bird Box, The Silence, A Quiet Place and The Stand. It’s thrilling. It’s disturbing. It’s unlike any horror book you have ever read. Grab your copy today and prepare to be swept into a story you won’t soon forget.

They Came with the Rain: A Horror Novel by [Christopher Coleman]