What inspired me to write The Sighting?

What inspired me to write The Sighting?

Like a lot of people, I’ve always been kind of captivated by things like Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster and other cryptozoological creatures.

But what was always more interesting to me were the people who claimed to have had close encounters with these creatures.

Of course, I’ve no doubt many of those people were just making up the stories–probably the vast majority of them–but certainly not all, right?

Some small percentage of those men and women truly believe they saw something beyond what’s known to exist on Earth.

And, maybe, just maybe, they even did. So for those people, those who are convinced that they know to be true what the rest of the world thinks is legend, how must their lives have been altered from their experience? That question was the inspiration for The Sighting.

The Sighting (The Sighting Book One): A gripping horror and psychological thriller with a twisted ending by [Coleman, Christopher]